Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

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Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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KaneRu 2 minutter siden
W1LDPHANTOM 29 minutter siden
I'm an xbox player but ps5 is pretty cool
Vargrath Time siden
-PS5- "PlayStation has No Limits" . . . bUuuT tHeRe iS oNly a liMitEd supPly oF Ps5 yOu caN geEeEt!!?! HahahaAa! These fukn idiots start their launch witch a sarcastic joke without realizing it I already hate them And their launch game is Demon Souls lol ... Oh i think i get it now why they only sell a limited amount of Ps5
Jolene Black
Jolene Black Time siden
The madly occupation arguably challenge because hexagon cosmetically guess but a unusual pancreas. needy, useless pepper
TRNabu Time siden
Where‘s the Xbox fridge
Party Dave
Party Dave Time siden
Not much into the ps5.... But really love the ad....
Marek Sedláček
Marek Sedláček Time siden
I’m Xbox guy but love this
Liam Scott
Liam Scott 2 timer siden
Doesnt actually give me any motivation to buy one ,Adverts are suppose to get you hyped to buy somthing and go into all the specs to sell you on it and rick and morty just take the money and say f*ck it just buy the dame thing 😂😂 how much did sony have to pay them just to say that , money well spent sony 👌
Yaboi Carter
Yaboi Carter 2 timer siden
This is the best ad ever
Tacoman 14314
Tacoman 14314 2 timer siden
Make a new game
Z0INT 3 timer siden
Rick...Morty....You have...Convinced me to buy the PS5! Ssh listen I was paid to do this, you need to run before it’s to late, oh no they saw me, I’m #%$# let me go you piece of @$#%....Hi i’m the real Z0INT, as I was saying buy the PS5 or get elimina...”cough” I mean not eliminated.
the radical Left
the radical Left 3 timer siden
neptune390upbeat 4 timer siden
giorno giovanna:i have a dream dream:adult swim and sony
cookie pills
cookie pills 4 timer siden
this is kool Nice
TheVeryBadSniper 4 timer siden
"Get your PS5!" Stores : "..."
Iagan Foss
Iagan Foss 5 timer siden
“Go play ps5 f*ck my *ss” Gotta love that shit
Landowner 5 timer siden
Lmao maybe instead of spending money on ads, they should spend it on increasing PS5 production rates. This ad was pretty cool though.
Alex Meko
Alex Meko 5 timer siden
Bruh, it ain't there fault tho. They just don't want much foot traffic in stores.
SquirrelTTV 5 timer siden
Rick: Why the hell did you not tell them about the part that’s white on it?! Morty: Uh I uh I I don’t know umm ahh I don’t wanna go to jail
Videos Random 777
Videos Random 777 5 timer siden
Aaaa ok :v
Murkwood 5 timer siden
Melike fire
Melike fire 5 timer siden
Tell that to hypebeast resellers
NGU Justin
NGU Justin 6 timer siden
I love how the money is actually increasing and the money in Rick's hands are decreasing when taking them away from the pack. Most animations basically make collectives infinite which doesn't satisfy me.
AudeeTalks 7 timer siden
I'd be cool if some scalpers couldnt get 3500 ps5s off the market. Thanks Sony
lazyman 24
lazyman 24 7 timer siden
ooohhh,ooooh, that is all i had to say.
Ben Brewdog
Ben Brewdog 7 timer siden
if your dumb enough to get ripped off by Sony/Xbox your dumb enough to get ripped off by scalpers
Shovel Head
Shovel Head 8 timer siden
I like to think that the narrator is the creator of the multiverse.
CIA 9 timer siden
I wouldn't even buy any console yet. Plus you got these morons buying them from 3rd parties. Just wait a few months until all the problems are fixed and so those assholes buying 1500 at a time to resell at a higher price are stuck with them. The people that go out and buy them right away are the ones that have to deal with them breaking down and having to go through possible recalls.
Obama 9 timer siden
Obama approves this video.
Stallin 9 timer siden
Смысл тратить деньги на рекламу и не продавать PS5? Подумываю уже всерьёз икбокс взять с их геймпассом и сталкером 2
Godzilla Ex
Godzilla Ex 9 timer siden
"Play has no limit." Yeah but my kidneys does. edit: kidney.
Zazel Dreemurr
Zazel Dreemurr 10 timer siden
Punto sony sobornando a rick y morty
Stigs 10 timer siden
Okay, im sold
Leke joshua
Leke joshua 10 timer siden
Wtf 😂😂😂👌
B M 11 timer siden
Hell yeah!!!
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 11 timer siden
And then he turned into a WiFi router. Funnies sh¡t I've ever seen.
King Link
King Link 11 timer siden
I like Xbox xD
Gustav Eriksson
Gustav Eriksson 11 timer siden
I live in sweden this just depresses me...
Hyper DoDaFlop
Hyper DoDaFlop 11 timer siden
Tavis scott: *NAH* Rick and Morty: *YES* 💯📈💰
Joedoeem 12 timer siden
Someone with an old ass tv: gets a ps5 The cable port knowing that he has an old tv and will need to waste more money for it to actually work
Keagan Wilson
Keagan Wilson 12 timer siden
Yes morty
Cherri Martin
Cherri Martin 12 timer siden
Kind of ironic that their slogan is play has no limits however there's a limit on inventory.
Gslayer Slays
Gslayer Slays 12 timer siden
This type of crap is why rick is now a freaking sellout.. i wont watch it again... you ruined it to sell crap... the magic.... is dead... and you killed it.
SoReX 96
SoReX 96 12 timer siden
I guess I have to buy one now
Caidon Bentley
Caidon Bentley 13 timer siden
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 13 timer siden
Ps5 “Play has no limits” Walmart We have limits
chayes 13 timer siden
Jesus loves u
mr meeseeks
mr meeseeks 14 timer siden
Nameless survivor
Nameless survivor 14 timer siden
Лучшая из худших реклам PS5
Loony 14 timer siden
why do they advertise it, if you cant buy it :< ?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 13 timer siden
This definitely changed my mind I’m getting the brand new ps5
NO SE 14 timer siden
Theres no ps5
Carlos Valverde
Carlos Valverde 14 timer siden
_Play has n o limits_ My wallet: don´t even think about it
dabl W W
dabl W W 14 timer siden
Leifster 776
Leifster 776 14 timer siden
I goddamn wish I could buy one
ElliTank 15 timer siden
Sony: Play has no limits im poor, i havent even to buy a beer
Silent[]Reactions 15 timer siden
Sony: Playsation has no limits Me: looks at price Also me: I guess it doesn't
Justin Van Dijk
Justin Van Dijk 15 timer siden
When xbox one players watch this they be like you have chosen death
B4TZ3R0 15 timer siden
That’s funny cuz I’m one of em🤣🤣
Alexei Zepeda
Alexei Zepeda 15 timer siden
okay now I USED to want the xbox x
evan griffith
evan griffith 15 timer siden
Sony execs: 'So this is humour? People get this do they? Ok, here, have some money.'
lonecourierjoeyV2 15 timer siden
If play has no limits why cant i download mods with external assets on fallout 4 & skyrim
Moved by Truth
Moved by Truth 15 timer siden
Just like 90% of the developers, Rick and Mordy too signed with Sony. I always knew Rick was a smart guy.
amir g.h
amir g.h 16 timer siden
Wow i missed rick and morty
DoLoMyte000 16 timer siden
Will the PS5 have Roy 2 as an exclusive?
Wilfredo Portillo
Wilfredo Portillo 16 timer siden
This definitely changed my mind I’m getting the brand new ps5
Carlos Rosales
Carlos Rosales 16 timer siden
MIGUEL JULIAN 17 timer siden
I gonna buy it only for this video , morty think its cool .😜
Scarlet Begonias
Scarlet Begonias 17 timer siden
Why is everyone making the same damn joke about the slogan
SquidEYE 17 timer siden
This comment isn't funny and it never will be
يزن امجد
يزن امجد 17 timer siden
I want to play the damn thing but the problem is they won't sell in my goddamn country
david monsterstein
david monsterstein 17 timer siden
Lmaooooooo i love how they never take ads seriously
drainabyte 18 timer siden
I just love capitalism
joe biden is a child predator
joe biden is a child predator 18 timer siden
Xbox for life!!!!!!
Camilo Arauz
Camilo Arauz 18 timer siden
Como les sobra la plata para anuncios a los forros de Sony
beezzarro 18 timer siden
I cannot tell if it's sad because they have successfully capitalized on rick and morty's nihilistic humour, or hilarious because they tried and are getting exposed as capitalist swine
Cedric Andre Samson
Cedric Andre Samson 18 timer siden
Even the stock ran out faster than the loading screen.
1 Ghost 2 Horses
1 Ghost 2 Horses 19 timer siden
i want one now
Xelina Hernandez
Xelina Hernandez 19 timer siden
Playstation 5: sold out everywhere Edit: that should be their slogan for it
Encoded Exo
Encoded Exo 19 timer siden
Hey Rick teleport me a ps5 into my dimension from another dimension where scalpers aren’t screwing everything up.
karelisso moved
karelisso moved 19 timer siden
The best part is that Rick counting the money he got from sony.
MiseryKira 19 timer siden
-... talk about the "thing" they pay us a lo. Made my day HAHAHAHAHAHHA
Dragon DGB Wiki
Dragon DGB Wiki 20 timer siden
Whoever tells me this gets a shoutout. How much money did they make to sponsor this
Dragon DGB Wiki
Dragon DGB Wiki 19 timer siden
Just tell me how much a production gets for sponsoring a ps5
GaMbLe 20 timer siden
I won the hunger games in my town. Got my ps5 but no time to play
Pete plays
Pete plays 20 timer siden
Now I want a ps5 😂😂
Eli Rosen
Eli Rosen 20 timer siden
Most Beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
Skærs 20 timer siden
"Play has no limit" Also Sony: paywalls online in next gen aswell*
Seu Pai
Seu Pai 20 timer siden
let me find a gold mine, then i can sell the gold and get enough money to buy the playstation 1!
Jadan Velasquez Mejia
Jadan Velasquez Mejia 20 timer siden
Lol, the design of the Console looks so out of place with the art style.
Drekig Dan
Drekig Dan 20 timer siden
Just returned my series x
Dix Erasmus
Dix Erasmus 20 timer siden
I will probably have a PS5 by the time the next Rick and Morty comes out. Seriously, I'm losing interest in the show coz of these ridiculous long periods between seasons.
_BLeW_ A_FuSe_
_BLeW_ A_FuSe_ 20 timer siden
It's a disaster is progress 😃
Just Passing Through
Just Passing Through 21 time siden
Smart advertising when you don't even have enough units to meet demand...
tutacat 21 time siden
Why would they advertise something not everyone can afford?
Xx_Ridup_xX 21 time siden
Morty: tries to sell it normally Rick: go * buy the * out of this * console
The Pixar Lamp
The Pixar Lamp 21 time siden
I feel like I shouldn’t be here since I am an Xbox player, but Like, I don’t CARE which console is better, for me it’s all just the same, just a few different games.
chalil maliq
chalil maliq 21 time siden
I cant offord it so do you wanna buy it for me exactly
The Coastal Cardician
The Coastal Cardician 21 time siden
Can I still use a Wiimote on it?
Nathaniel Moore
Nathaniel Moore 21 time siden
The PS5 is overhyped and absolute garbage. Sexbox is better than Gaystation, grow a pair of balls and get the X series
Diego Cuellar
Diego Cuellar 21 time siden
Best ad ever
TheMythicWaffle 21 time siden
They need to stop advertising. We are trying to buy it but they are running out before we can get in our cars
Artorias 22 timer siden
Well if Rick can do something about the scalpers, More actually gamers can get their hands on PS5.
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